1oz Mamenchisaurus Silver Coin from 2021 - Preshistoric Life Series

1oz Mamenchisaurus Silver Coin from 2020 - Preshistoric Life Series


Scottsdale Mint's Prehistoric Life series brings to life the animals and dinosaurs of prehistoric times, whether they are better known in the collective imagination or not.

Lovers of this historical era have the chance to decorate their home with these magnificent coins that are striking in their simple but beautiful designs.

Get the Mamenchisaurus with the Congo coat of arms on its cross at the best price: set up a collection with your favourite dinosaurs and dazzle your guests!


Mamenchisaurus silver coin, from the Prehistoric Life series of 1 ounce of silver minted by Scottsdale Mint in 2020.

Mamenchisaurus was one of nine known species that populated the earth during the Jurassic period nearly 150 million years ago in what is now Asia. It was an animal that measured between 13 and 15 metres in length and could weigh up to 18 tonnes. Its diet was based on plants and it had chisel-shaped teeth to improve its bite against fruit.

The dinosaur appears on the cross of the coin. On the outside of the coin, a small line runs around the coin's central design and features the name of the series and the three historical epochs in which this creature supposedly lived: Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic.

In the centre is where the drawing of the animal is shown. Accompanied by other species, it is leaning its long neck towards the ground, where perhaps food for the animal is found nearby. The sky is a flat grey background, but the land and elevations of the terrain are depicted perfectly, with small hollows for water. The drawing is magnificent, as shown by the details of the animal's neck, which shows its veins, and the irregularities of the terrain.

The face of the coin has the same structure as the cross, except that there is also a succession of dots in bas-relief following the edge of the coin. On this part is the name of the country where the coin is issued and its face value: 20 francs. In the centre is the coat of arms, consisting of a leopard's head, an elephant's tusk, a spear, a stone that serves as a base and a ribbon with the phrase 'justice, peace, work'.

The Mamenchisaurus coin was minted in 2020 by the Scottsdale Mint with 1 ounce of 99.999% pure silver and has a diameter of 38.60 millimetres.

Only 10,000 were minted, get it at the best possible price and show off the antique in your home showcases!


Data sheet

1 oz / 31.104 g
Preshistoric Life
Casa de la Moneda
Scottsdale Mint
Valor Nominal
20 francs
Nº de monedas acuñadas

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