1oz Silver Coin Britannia y Germania from 2019 - The Allegories serie

1oz Silver Coin Britannia and Germania from 2019 - The Allegories serie


The Allegories Series brings together the personification of the nations of the world in one currency. On this occasion we are looking at Germania and Britannia, two bullion coins which, separately, are among the most popular on the market.

Together, they make up an excellent coin with a unique beauty and exclusivity that very few can boast of: get it at the best price and get it before their stocks run out!


Britannia and Germania coin, from the Allegories Series, 1 ounce silver coined in 2019 by the Germania Mint.

The Germania Mint launched one of its most ambitious series in 2019: Allegories, featuring the female personification of the world's most important nations. In this way, bullion as important in the sector as Germania, Britannia, Italy or Columbia are united in a spectacular single currency and whose production is very low, which makes it even more exclusive.

On this occasion we are dealing with the currency of Britannia and Germania. Both appear on the cross, with their particular symbols: the first, with its Union Flag shield, its trident and its famous shield with the classic Roman crest; while the second has on its shield the double-headed eagle, its sword kept in its sheath, with a laurel wreath and its mane in the wind. Germania extends her arm affectionately to Britannia, a tender gesture that further embellishes the coin.

The structure of the face is magnificent: the outer part, separated from the central part by a line around the coin, has a background with various motifs that give the impression of marble, somewhat accentuated by the grey of the silver. This part contains the name of the series and the characteristics of the coin. In the central part, the two figures have a background with small dots in bas-relief that generate depth of field to the coin.  

The background of the cross reproduces that of the external part of the face: a background with various decorative motifs that look like marble. In the centre is the coat of arms that the Germania Mint has imagined of the ancient Germanic nation, a shield crowned with four separate parts: in the upper left area, the two-headed eagle; on its right, a pattern of equal squares like those on a chess board, which refer to knowledge and prowess; in the lower left area, another small shield formed by a background with a ribbon that crosses it diagonally with 3 flowers, representing the national values of unity, integrity and freedom; and on its right, a free wild boar, a tribute to its Roman past.

This is not the only remarkable thing about the cross. Surrounding the coat of arms is a crown of oak leaves that symbolises loyalty and national stability. These leaves grow in size as they approach the bottom of the coin, with two of them attached to the bottom of the shield.

At the top is the name of Germania and the year in which the coin was minted. Below, the face value of the coin (DEM 5).

The coin is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the series, which shows the same design as the cross on the coin and the company seal.

The Britannia and Germania coin, from the Allegories series, was minted in 2019 from 1 ounce of 999.9% pure silver. It weighs 31.105 grams and has a diameter of 38.61 millimeters.

The entire series is spectacular, which is why the coins usually sell out quickly. Get the whole collection and show off its magnificent designs on the shelves in your home. Complete it at the best price thanks to your trusted coin and ingot shop!


Data sheet

1 oz / 31.104 g
The Allegories
Casa de la Moneda
Germania Mint
Valor Nominal
5 Mark
Nº de monedas acuñadas

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