2oz Silver Coin Lion of England from 2016 - Queen's Beast series

2oz Lion of England Silver Coin from 2016 - Queen's Beast series


This coin was the first in the Queen's Beasts series, one of The Royal Mint's most ambitious projects to pay tribute to the coronation of Elizabeth II by converting the heraldic statues that decorated the ceremony that made her queen into a coin.

The Lion of England is the first in a series of 10 coins that combine history, idiosyncrasy and majesty. Get them all and ask for the ones you are missing! Take a piece of UK culture home with you.


2 ounces silver coin minted in 2016 from the Lion of England, from the Beasts of the Queen series of the Royal Mint.

The Queen's Beasts series is one of the most significant and historic coins to be minted by the Royal Mint in recent decades. It was first issued in 2016 and features the mythological animals that, in the form of heraldic statues, decorated the opening ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The cross on this coin depicts the lion, one of the figures on the United Kingdom's coat of arms. The design is divided into two parts: a flat background with the features of the coin and the centre, whose background is decorated with small dots that add depth and allow us to focus on the animal, which occupies almost the entire central part of the coin and appears holding the coat of arms upright and roaring majestically.

The animal's main features are its coat of arms, its foreshortened position and the elegance accentuated by the crown.

The edge of the coin is single-striped, with several lines running across it horizontally in a regular pattern and whose fineness is quite remarkable.

On the face, the usual face of Queen Elizabeth II, with a background of details that assimilate it to gotelé and where we find the face value of the coin and the name of the monarch.

The Lion of England was the first coin to be launched in a series that has been a real success in Anglo-Saxon countries, where its history and symbolism are particularly fascinating to the inhabitants.

It is made of silver with a purity of 999.9/1000, it weighs 2 ounces 62.208 grams, with a face value of 5 pounds and its diameter is 38.61 millimetres.


Data sheet

2 oz / 62.208 g
Queen's Beasts
Casa de la Moneda
The Royal Mint
Valor Nominal
5 pounds

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