1oz Platinum coin Royal Arms from 2020

1oz Platinum coin Royal Arms from 2020


There is no element more representative of British culture than its coat of arms, made up of the most iconic elements of the historic European nation. And to top it all off, it's coined with the finest platinum on the continent.

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The Royal Arms platinum coin, minted with 1 ounce in 2020 by the Royal Mint, Australia's mint.

The Coat of Arms is one of the most characteristic elements of each nation. The United Kingdom's coat of arms also incorporates some of the medieval iconography of its own history, although it was actually minted in 1983 by Eric Sewell, although this is a modern redesign by Timothy Noad, which captures all of the country's cultural heritage.

The coat of arms is on the cross, the arrangement of which is quite simple. The design is in the centre on a background formed by small bas-relief lines arranged regularly and converging in the centre.

The design has, for the moment, two very recognisable animals on the sides: the lion, the animal of the English coat of arms, and the unicorn, the national animal of Scotland. Within the coat of arms itself, which is divided into four quarters, we find two coats of arms of England, the Scottish coat of arms and the Northern Ireland coat of arms (formed by a harp).

Under the coat of arms, the motto 'Dieu et mon droit' (God and my right), together with a heraldic rose, a thistle flower and a small clover.

On the cross, the design of the face of Queen Elizabeth II by Jordy Clark, with the monarch in advanced age and a crown that contrasts perfectly with the wavy lines of her hair. Around it, the face value of the coin (£100) and the name of the monarch.

The Royal Arms is a coin minted in 2020 with 1 ounce of platinum of 999.5 purity, weighs 31.105 grams and has a diameter of 32.69 millimetres. Get this wonderful coin at the best possible price and show off British culture on your shelves!

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